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Stay ahead of the curve and manage global communication with confidence. alugha offers you a complete video multilingualisation toolkit to transform & distribute your single-language video to a multilingual full blown multilingual masterpiece for your internal & external communication in an innovative, cost efficient and scalable manner.

Communicate in a Global Market with ease thanks to a unified software solution that eliminates the complexity of the whole multilingualisation process while providing you with versatile tools, complete control of your content and efficient team collaboration and review features.

No matter if video enthusiast or multinational corporation, we are dedicated to help you solve your global communication needs!

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Video multilingualisation with alugha & the dubbr

If you provide products or services for an international market, chances are you ran into communications issues in the past. The language barrier is to blame for miscommunications that can cost millions in damage mitigation costs or lost revenue. Alugha sets out to eliminate these issues for you by combining the power of scalable mass communication via Videos with a cost and time efficient online video translation and voiceover software. Our video multilingualisation Toolkit provides you with all necessary tools to enrich your videos with additional languages voiceovers and subtitles, unite them in a single video and distribute it globally. Using alugha amounts to providing providing your video with a professional digital translator who speaks every language.

Visit us for a quick hands-on presentation and experience the ease of transforming videos into powerful multilingual global communication.
Multitrack player

Multitrack player: There are no boundaries for your message due to our no-install-required HTML5 player that enables an immediate change of audio tracks with its adaptive multitrack support.

The clear multi-channel sound and Ultra HD video player allow an immersive experience. Reach your international audience by sharing your video on platforms like Twitter, Medium, Kickstarter and Change.org.

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Interactive Platform

Interactive Platform: Have total control over your video assets from your own video Control Hub. All things “multilingual video” are right under your fingertips. Manage your video inventory, Translations, Project Collaborator, language audio tracks, access rights and more right from a global accessible dashboard.

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Dubbr: Making a video multilingual can be a complicated, expensive and headache inducing process. With a lot of people involved things get messy pretty quick.

The dubbr provides you a unified workspace that gives you the tools to make the transcribing, translation and dubbing process as streamlined as possible. All in one tool, in the cloud accessible from around the world. The best part, the dubbr is included in every alugha account.

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