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abas ERP: digitalization companion for midsize businesses

Shaping change and creating new potential has been our business and our passion for almost 40 years - with groundbreaking solutions, intelligent process consulting and the industry knowledge of our team. As a visionary and pioneer in the field of business software, we now provide far more than "just" an ERP system: we combine proven ERP with smart services to create a modern IT platform 4.0 that offers the best prerequisites for mastering digital change as a winner. Over 4,000 midsize production companies rely on abas. 93% of our customers remain loyal to us. This really makes us proud, because it proves that we live up to our most important claim: we provide security. Especially in the dynamic digitalization environment.

Digitalize your business.

Digitalization test and easy to understand practical know-how can be found under: https://digital-or-dead.com

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Digital Champion with ERP excellence

Digitalization is changing companies and their value-added chains faster and more profoundly than any previous technological revolutions. For midsize businesses, the question is how to master these challenges and what ERP systems can contribute. ERP solutions are becoming the catalyst and impulse of digital transformation. They automate processes across system and company boundaries, integrate e-commerce platforms and provide the basis for Industry 4.0.

Modern ERP systems combine all relevant data and act as an interface to third party systems, platforms and services. This requires a new generation of ERP software.

ERP selection is therefore increasingly less about the largest functional package, but about the guaranteed future, digitalization expertise and an understanding of business processes. Only those who understand how your company works can provide you with the right tools and services.

abas ERP

A tailored dashboard grants you access to the applications you need on a daily basis. This streamlines your work environment so you have more time to focus on the topics that matter most. Thanks to intuitive navigation and an easy-to-use suggestion search, all other processes are quickly available. Whether outstanding sales orders and invoices or notes to customers: Find what you need faster and save valuable time.

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abas BPM

Process optimization is a great opportunity to improve your overall competitiveness. With the business process management solution abas BPM, you can model and optimize business processes across systems and companies. Whether procurement workflows, disruption management, or service processes: Tasks are structurally processed in a workflow – either automatically in abas ERP and other systems or by persons and groups within your company or at customers and vendors.

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Digitalization Readiness Check

There are many tests to determine your digital maturity. What's special about our digitalization test: It doesn't only determine your status quo, but also provides a comparison to other midsize production companies. The higher your level of digital maturity, the faster, more flexible and more competitive your company. After completing the test, you will receive a detailed evaluation as well as custom recommended actions for the digital transformation of your company via email.

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abas is launching a digitalization awareness campaign
Together with renowned partners from research, education and consulting, abas wants to raise awareness with a major campaign. There is broad consensus that the midmarket has fallen behind in terms of digitalization.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, IoT, or Industry 4.0. But only few small and medium-sized businesses know what it's really about. This has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by the Technical University of Central Hessen*. Experts and providers often choose language teeming with jargon, but never explain what matters most: How and why new, disruptive technologies are changing everyday life and the perspectives of established businesses. Or what midmarket businesses can do to remain competitive.

Whereas larger companies with relevant departments and research projects remain on the cutting edge of technology, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry find it difficult to identify relevant developments early and use them to their advantage. The good news: "The technical possibilities are out there and their implementation is often not very expensive", according to Mark Muschelknautz, CMO of abas.

The digitalization campaign aims to provide small and medium-sized companies practical tools. A compact digitalization test will help companies identify their degree of digital maturity. Particularly interesting: Companies will have the opportunity to see how they compare to other businesses in their industry. In the next step, interested parties will be carefully brought up to speed on the current solutions. abas provides simple explanations on how to digitalize key business processes, while avoiding complicated, specialist vocabulary. In the third step, an individual to-do list, which focuses on the topics or business areas that should be prioritized, is drawn up based on the digitalization test.

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